Best Ways to Optimize Your SMS marketing This Festive Season

Best Ways to Optimize Your SMS marketing This Festive Season

SMS marketing might be the answer to your holiday campaign woes. Historical data shows that consumers shop the highest during this season. However, with competition as aggressive as ever, every business will face the challenge of reaching more potential customers within a short period. Customers who are more accustomed to shopping in physical stores are now moving online for their purchases. As inboxes become more crowded, retailers need to be ready to catch the attention of newcomers and existing customers alike.

 While sending “Happy Holiday!” messages are great, smart businesses take advantage of this season to connect with customers even deeper, build loyal ties that lasts and even prompt crazy sales.

Send Out Seasonal Holiday Greetings

During the holiday season, customers should be the main focus. Sending out bulk SMS to all of your customers wishing them a happy holiday season exhibits a very personal touch that will make your customers feel appreciated and stay with you for the long run.

Send Product Discount and Promotion SMS

Customers love hearing about holiday offers and promotions. To achieve a desired market response from the public, follow the celebratory trends of the holidays which see the advertised product presented in the form of offers, specials, or alerts. Create a sense of urgency by sending out limited time offers SMS or flash sales SMS which will bring in lots of customers who are pivotal factors in increasing business revenue.

Low stock alerts

Create a sense of urgency by sending alerts whenever popular items are low on stock. If you know the types of items your customers are interested in, you can tailor these to be specific items you know they won’t want to miss. Combine a low stock alert with a discount code, and it will be an offer they can’t resist.

Links to products

Many people will plan to make a purchase on a mobile device this holiday season. Make it easier for them to shop the way they want by sending them links via text. You do the work for them, so all they have to do is click “purchase.”

Sending helpful, relevant content

Not every communication you send has to be a direct sale. Think about what problems consumers face during the holidays that are relevant to your brand. Then create and share content on your website. This helps keep your brand top of mind and builds trust with potential customers.

Last-minute SMS offer

The final days before Christmas are an opportune time to market to last-minute shoppers. Make your store the shopping destination for this market by using SMS call-to-actions such as “24-hour last-minute sale”, “last chance delivery”, “extended hours for one day only”. Create a sense of urgency and ensure your product/store is on the radar for frantic last-minute- shoppers.

Promo codes

Foster a sense of exclusivity among your opt-in text list by sending special promo codes. You can personalize your texts by addressing your customers by their name. It’s crucial to foster that relationship any way you can. Sending exclusive, personalized discount codes is the perfect way to do just that. For example

“Hi Susan! Use special code “GREAT SUSAN” to get your special discount. Its our way of saying thank you for being you!”

Send out a thank you SMS to all your customers

Tell them how grateful you are to them for buying from your business. They will emotional and want to spend more money during Christmas and New Year shopping. Example:

“Dear Customer will want to thank you for making this a memorable year. We have special offers for you this Christmas Season and New Year season. Please visit our stores soon.”

Reduced shipping cost

Customers will love to have a reduced shipping cost. Example:

“You are valuable to us. Use this number 5555 on your next purchase and get a 60% slash on the delivery cost.”

Use Christmas Melodies in your bulk SMS messages.

This entertains your customers and makes them happy. Add some Christmas theme into your SMS marketing. Show how much you love the yuletide season. Example:

“Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…Enjoy 20 per cent when you shop at any of our stores this Christmas season. Show this text and get a gift. Do not miss it.”

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