Tips for Writing the Perfect Christmas and New Year Text to Your Customers

Tips for Writing the Perfect Christmas and New Year Text to Your Customers

Every business owner knows that the holidays are the perfect time to express gratitude and heartfelt wishes to their customers. When you send heartwarming Christmas and New Year SMS messages, it not only boost sales but also increase customer engagement and loyalty.

  • Ensure you only text customers who have given to receive text communications from your business.
  • Add some Christmas melodies in your message like “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…having you as a customer makes this Christmas more special”
  • Keep it short and sweet. For messages beyond the traditional SMS 160-character limit, use Ozioma Extensible SMS (this also enable you to convert your messages to links which you can share on your social media platforms. this will also help you build your contact list.) in Ozioma app to blast out supersize messages with up to 2000 characters.
  • Spice up your Christmas messages by including images, 1 minute videos and 1 minute audios using Ozioma Extensible SMS.
  • Segment your contact list to create targeted marketing campaigns. Personalize messages by including the recipient’s name for maximum impact.
  • Consider using short codes for fast one-way mass texting.

Use Ozioma App to Send Attractive, Affordable Christmas and New Year Messages

Ready to get your Christmas and New Year messages for customers off to a running start? Look no further than Ozioma for your SMS marketing needs.

Ozioma has all the tools necessary to make your SMS campaign a huge success. We also have SMS collection templates to ease the stress of composing messages yourself. Sign up now for free and start preparing your SMS campaign for this festive season.

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